"BOJ.org, one of the RAREST domain name assets in the world is available for sale!

BOJ.ORG Global Premium Domain Name is Available!

The Global Premium generic domain Boj.org is currently available for acquisition!

•  Ultra-Premium .ORG that is over 22 years old!  109 M Google Search Results!

•  Super rare, extremely sought after, super short three letter domain name!

• .ORG is one of the Most Trusted Domain Extensions in the world!

• 450,000 broad searches per month for BOJ with a CPC of $0.64 USD!

• Very Short: short domains are more memorable


There is only one BOJ.org....once this premium domain name asset is acquired by an end user organization it will likely be off the market forever!


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Common Questions

They are superior quality domain names that are rare, very sought after, often short, highly memorable, keyword-rich, and often also brandable!  They may include keywords perfect for search engine optimization, very rare short domains making them brandable, and highly descriptive of your offering.   Similar to the real-world real estate this is virtual or digital real estate.  Premium domain names are the real estate in the digital internet world.  It is like owning physical property in a major city center as opposed to property in the suburbs, or sometimes out in a far off rural location in the countryside.   Premium domain name assets can set your business apart from the crowd, deliver an instant leadership position, deliver a boost to your brand (or even be your brand), and deliver immediate credibility over competitors!

Digital assets can be premium domain names, complete developed websites, revenue generating online stores, apps, online games, online marketplaces etc.  BizNets operates a brokerage service that works with buyers, sellers, and investors of digital assets!

Identify the digital asset / premium domain name that you wish to purchase.  Simply submit an inquiry from the landing page, or you can contact us to get the conversation started.  If you have an offer you would like to make to acquire the asset, then mention it and we will be happy to review your offer.  Once securely purchased the digital domain asset will be registered to your name, and you will have full control over it!   We guide you through the process step by step...we make it very easy, safe, and secure!

Once you have submitted an offer to us for a digital asset we have for sale we will review your offer, and contact you with a response within 24 hours with instructions as to the next steps of the process.

We accept all types of Credit Cards, Paypal, Money Order, Cheque, and Wire Transfer through our Escrow partner Escrow.com.  Custom payment arrangements can also be discussed with us directly as we strive to make every transaction safe, secure, and as user friendly as possible.

Escrow service is the preferred method of transaction for digital assets that reduces the potential risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third party which collects, holds, and then subsequently releases funds according to the Buyer and Seller instructions.  We use Escrow.com the leader in this industry.

Step 1: The Buyer and Seller agree to the terms of the sale.

Step 2: The Buyer transfers the money to the escrow company.

Step 3: The Seller transfers the digital asset / premium domain name to the seller.

Step 4: The Buyer accepts the digital asset is now in their control.

Step 5: The Escrow service confirms all conditions are met and pays the Seller.


It is very simple, safe, secure for both parties, and we assist you every step of the way!

Please contact us!  We are happy to hear from you and happy to help!

How it works

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Buyer begins negotiations by submitting an offer, or decides to purchase the premium domain / digital asset outright.



Negotiate the price to acquire this digital asset.  Seller holds the right to accept, reject or make a counter offer.


Transfer / Escrow

All of our payments are processed safely, and securely by our payment provider Escrow.com, or by other agreed to custom arrangement.

Digital domain asset is then transferred to you!

Escrow.com How does it work?

Global ULTRA Premium Domain Name is Available!


This is one of the RAREST ultra premium global domain name assets in the world!

Contact us today with your offer!

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