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Do you currently have a digital asset you would like to sell?

If you are looking to sell digital assets such as:

  • premium domain name (.com, .net, .org and .ca only)
  • established revenue generating web site
  • popular app or online game
  • revenue generating online store
  • established online marketplace
  • large online community site
  • or any other digital asset that meets our investment criteria

We have investors ready to acquire premium digital assets at reasonable valuations.

BizNets may be able to deliver the exit you are looking for.

Please ensure you include a detailed description of the digital asset, revenues and expenses, as well as your asking price.

Sell your digital assets with BizNets brokerage services.


BizNets has been assisting companies big and small acquire, secure, develop, monetize, and trade digital assets for over 20 years.

We would be happy to discuss digital assets, their current fair market valuations, and how best to liquidate them.

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