CBDOil.com sold for $500K

Premium domain CBDOil.com sells for $500K

CBDOil.com, a fantastic 6 letter, category descriptive, brandable premium domain name just sold (reported on DomainNameWire) for an incredible $500,240 USD!

It has been reported that BuyLegalMeds.com, which is a company that sells CBD derived goods just purchased this incredible domain name will launch an informational site as well as a marketplace on it focused on CBD products.  The company owner has been quoted as saying he would have paid up to 1 Million dollars for this asset as he sees it as the category killer, category leader in this space.  We the super premium CBD already in use by a different company in an altogether different business CBDOil.com seems to be the next best domain asset for this space!

What is CBD?

CBD  is a chemical made from the hemp plant.  It is short for Cannabidiol.  This particular chemical was made legal federally last year via the Farm Bill that was signed.  CBD Oil is a product derived from this substance....well really the next most important thing to know is that since then this CBD industry has been skyrocketing!

Congratulations to buyer and seller...this is great domain at a great price!

The future belongs to those that understand the value of these critical assets today is an absolute bargain compared to future valuations....where will your company be 5 years from now, (will your company be here is also an appropriate question perhaps?) are you positioned to take advantage of that growth that EMDs can deliver in your field of business, will you be left behind, or will you be one of the leaders that sees this and prepares for it right now?

This is a powerful wide open brand...it is an ideal domain for many online ventures!  The beautiful thing is a powerful brand can become anything!

Here are a few qualities of this domain name that make it valuable:

  • It is very short at 6 letters
  • It is super easy to say
  • It is easy to spell
  • It is easy to remember
  • It is brandable
  • This is an EMD exact match domain for what people are searching for!
  • It is a category defining domain name asset
  • It is considered by some as the category killer domain for this space!

Again we are reminded of the value attached to short premium domain name assets, one and two word premium domain names, and super easy to remember domains!

Yes, premium domain names immediately set your organization apart from the crowded masses online.

That is the power of a premium domain name asset!

The future belongs to those that recognize this power, and those that see these benefits!  Those that understand that these premium domains will likely become the most critical, most valuable digital assets any organization will ever own!


Congratulations to both buyer and, seller!




What is my domain worth?

Premium domain name assets can be extremely valuable!  We know that many may now be wondering what their domain name may be worth?

Here are a couple of online tools to play with … although they are not truly accurate valuations as each domain name asset is unique, they do give you a starting point as to what your domain name “may” be worth, a kind of “estimate” based on certain data points, historical similar asset sales records, search volume, cost per click for the term, letter character makeup / position / popularity and combinations etc…  Yes this works for both dot com and dot ca domain names as well!

Who knows maybe you own a fantastic domain name asset that could be on this list someday 🙂


Domain name valuations.

Free domain name valuations.

Online domain name valuation tools you can try.  Here are some of our favorite online domain name valuation tools.

  • GoDaddy – Domain Name Appraisals – free valuation tool from GoDaddy
  • EstiBot – try it for a free valuation estimate
  • Uniregistry – setup a marketplace account, and they can do an auto appraisal for you
  • Sedo – setup an account to sell your domain, and they can do an auto appraisal for you
  • NameBio.com….you can search past sales stats and try to come up with a figure yourself based on similar names sold.


Premium domain name assets can literally be worth any amount really, as every single domain name is unique.

The vast majority of domain names registered are really worth no more than their registration fee, and often times not even that sorry to say (what the domain would be worth to someone else other than the current owner that is)….however it is common place now for many premium + sought after domains to sell in the range of $5K to $50K….and among those there are so called category killers, EMDs (exact match domains), some one word domains, very short domains, and brandables which can sell well over $100K!  All these figures are USD by the way as the resale market tends to report in USD.  The premium domain name asset sector can be an increasingly exciting space, and for some it can be very profitable as well!


Want to learn more?

How to buy, sell, or invest in this sector…


Want to learn more about premium domain name assets including dot ca, their valuations, and investing in them as an asset class….contact us…it is what we do.



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