Most Expensive Dot Ca Domain Names

A list of the most expensive dot ca domain names ever sold!

Canadian domain name sale history.....absolutely amazing sales numbers....

Top Dot Ca Domain Name Sales

Digital assets of all kinds are becoming a topic of great interest to many, including Canadians.  When we research the field of domain name digital assets in particular we can find a ton of information focusing primarily on the dot com extension.  If you have you ever wondered just what a running tally of the most expensive domains ever sold globally then you can check out our list of the most expensive domain name sales..   Well what about the dot ca extension….how valuable are those domain name assets?

We have all heard of amazing sales stats for dot com domains in the news, such as just recently the sale of for $3.5M USD…..but we have not seen much in the way of dot ca domain name asset sales in the news.  So how valuable are they?  How valuable are premium dot ca domain names?   We wanted to put together a list focusing on the Canadian version, the most expensive dot ca domain names ever sold!  While the Canadian dot ca list does not reach the same altitudes, it certainly is a list that deserves some serious attention, one that Canadians can be proud of….premium dot ca domains can be extremely valuable!

Premium domain names have tremendous valuations, and while most premium domain names sales are hidden from public view because of non-disclosure agreements, competitive reasons, and privacy concerns, there have been enough sales in the past that have become part of the public record to give us a glimpse at some absolutely jaw dropping valuations….yes we are talking about dot ca premium domains as well!


What is the domain name resale market?

Dot ca premium domain name assets are part of the domain resale market, or what can be called the secondary market for the sale of premium quality domain names (high value premium domains held as investments by organizations or individuals who may choose to sell them to other investors or end users)GoDaddy states that this secondary market has some sought after premium domain names regularly selling in the thousands of dollars.  There are many online reporting sales sites that try their best to track these sales (at least the ones that are public knowledge) such as or etc…  There you will find on a daily or weekly basis many sales that sometimes get into the hundreds of thousands of dollars…while that is impressive of course, and often a complete wake up call to many.  What needs to be known is that premium dot ca domain name assets are a regular participant in these sales figures.

So what are the very top, the most expensive dot ca domain names sales out there?


The most expensive dot ca domain names sales

The table below lists the top most expensive dot ca domain names publicly reported.  This list is incomplete as many if not most sales are not public knowledge for various competitive reasons, and privacy reasons….but it is a great reference list or starting point.

Here is the list of the most expensive dot ca domain names publicly reported.

Dot Ca top domain names sales list

1. $650,000
2. $600,000
3. $400,000
4. $206,906
5. $120,000
6. $115,920
7. $99,000
8. $85,000
9. $75,600
10. $60,000
11. $58,590
12. $56,200
13. $54,977
14. $50,000
15. $47,000
16. $45,000
17. $41,000
18. $39,750
19. $39,200
20. $38,640
21. $38,500
22. $36,050
23. $36,000
24. $35,200
25. $34,000
26. $33,363
27. $32,500
28. $32,500
29. $31,687
30. $31,500
31. $30,933
32. $30,000
33. $30,000
34. $29,500
35. $29,000
36. $28,880
37. $28,875
38. $28,000
39. $28,000
40. $28,000
41. $27,840
42. $26,250
43. $26,242
44. $25,000
45. $25,000
46. $25,000
47. $24,840
48. $23,500
49. $23,000
50. $22,666
51. $21,600
52. $21,375
53. $20,494

*  This list of sold prices is a very small representation of published (dot ca) domain sale transactions (Many sales are never reported for various reasons). The sold prices displayed are some of the top value sales we have been able to find, there is certainly more out there that are not reported.  Some of the data sources for the list above include,,,, Unigrestry, Sedo, Flippa, and other domain transaction reporting sites, marketplaces, and information resources. Reported sold prices posted here are listed in USD.


What is my domain worth?

Dot ca domain name assets can be extremely valuable!  We know that many may now be wondering what their dot ca domain name may be worth?

Here are a couple of online tools to play with … although they are not truly accurate valuations as each domain name asset is unique, they do give you a starting point as to what your domain name “may” be worth, a kind of “estimate” based on certain data points, historical similar asset sales records, search volume, cost per click for the term, letter character makeup / position / popularity and combinations etc…  Yes this works for dot com, and dot ca domain names as well!

Who knows maybe you own a fantastic dot ca domain name asset that could be on this list someday 🙂


Domain name valuations.

Free domain name valuations.

Online domain name valuation tools you can try.  Here are some of our favorite online domain name valuation tools.

  • GoDaddy – Domain Name Appraisals – free valuation tool from GoDaddy
  • EstiBot – try it for a free valuation estimate
  • Uniregistry – setup a marketplace account, and they can do an auto appraisal for you
  • Sedo – setup an account to sell your domain, and they can do an auto appraisal for you
  •….you can search past sales stats and try to come up with a figure yourself based on similar names sold.


Premium domain name assets can literally be worth any amount really, as every single domain name is unique.

The vast majority of domain names registered are really worth no more than their registration fee, and often times not even that sorry to say (what the domain would be worth to someone else other than the current owner that is)….however it is common place now for many premium + sought after domains to sell in the range of $5K to $50K….and among those there are so called category killers, EMDs (exact match domains), some one word domains, very short domains, and brandables which can sell well over $100K!  Dot Ca premium domains have not shown themselves to be as valuable as dot coms, however some have fantastic valuations as well!  All these figures are USD by the way (yes even though these are dot ca domains…the resale market tends to report in USD).  The premium dot ca domain name asset sector can be an increasingly exciting space, and for some it can be very profitable as well!


Want to learn more?

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