What is my domain name worth?

Own a great domain name already?

Wondering what that great domain name asset you own may be worth?


What is my domain worth?

Premium domain name assets can literally be worth any amount really, as every single domain name is unique!

You or your organization may be sitting on a very valuable domain name asset and not even know it!

Have ever wondered if you may have a domain name asset that has some value?  We may be able help you figure out if that is the case.  Is your domain worth millions, is it worth more than your business?…It is possible by the way…there some domains held by organizations that would likely sell for more than the organization itself.  While the vast majority of domain names out there are not of any real value to anyone other than their current holders…there is a class of premium sought after domain name assets out there that can command jaw dropping numbers!

Take a quick peak at some the most expensive domain names ever sold to get an idea at what may be possible.  Some of these assets have tremendous valuations!

Many premium + sought after domains can sell in the range of $5K to $50K….and among those there are so called category killers, EMDs (exact match domains), some one word domains, very short domains, and brandables which can sell well over $100K!   The premium domain name asset sector can be an increasingly exciting space, and for some it can be very profitable as well!

Short domain names tend to have fantastic valuations as they are very rare and sought after.   Short 2, 3 and 4 letter domain names tend to be in a separate class of premium domain names…they are in a “liquid” class of domain name assets because they tend to be easier to sell than others.  Of course the dot com extension tends to be the most valuable, however there is excellent value in other extensions when it comes to short domain names as well…check out three letter dot ca domain name valuations!

Categories of valuable domain names – does your domain name fit into one of these categories?

  • Short 2, 3 and sometimes 4 letter domain names
  • One word domain names
  • Some two word domain names
  • Brandables
  • Category killers / leaders
  • Memorable easy to spell phrases
  • Some exact match domain names etc…

Meaningful, short, and brandable domain names are very difficult to come by….their uniqueness, and scarcity often brings with it value…people and companies want them!

We know that many may now be wondering what their domain name may be worth?

Here are a couple of online tools to play with … although they are not truly accurate valuations as each domain name asset is unique, they do give you a starting point as to what your domain name “may” be worth, a kind of “estimate” based on certain data points, historical similar asset sales records, search volume, cost per click for the term, letter character makeup / position / popularity and combinations etc…

Who knows maybe you own a fantastic domain name asset that could be on the list of most valuable domain names sales someday 🙂

Domain Name Valuations – Online Tools

Free domain name valuations.

There are certainly some people that are holding very valuable domain name assets and may not know it.  Are you sitting on a premium domain name that could bring you total freedom?  Who knows?…by the way Freedom.com sold for $2 Million USD 🙂


Online domain name valuation tools you can try.

Here are some of our favorite online domain name valuation tools.

  • GoDaddy – Domain Name Appraisals – free valuation tool from GoDaddy
  • EstiBot – try it for a free valuation estimate
  • Uniregistry – setup a marketplace account, and they can do an auto appraisal for you
  • Sedo – setup an account to sell your domain, and they can do an auto appraisal for you
  • NameBio.com….you can search past sales stats and try to come up with a figure yourself based on similar names sold.


Additional Valuation Parameters

Keep in mind that there are two important other factors that would come into domain name asset valuations.  Such as does the asset have existing traffic, and does the asset have back-links in place across the internet already?  These two parameters can significantly increase value of a domain name.

As we mentioned above this is both a very exciting space, and a very unique space …. premium domain name assets can literally be worth any amount really.  For many organizations their premium domain name may be the most valuable digital asset they will ever own!




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