Tesla.com sold for $11M

Tesla.com purchased by TeslaMotors.com for $11M!

Yes....Elon Musk, of Tesla, revealed a couple days ago on Twitter that he purchased the domain name Tesla.com about two years ago (2016) for $11M USD!

Prior to this acquisition, Tesla had been making use of TeslaMotors.com as their primary domain name.  Tesla.com is a superb upgrade premium domain name asset for the company!  This domain name purchase puts Tesla.com in the list of most expensive domain names ever sold!

Now with Tesla.com, the company is no longer restricted to just cars, or motors as it would have been with TeslaMotors.com.  TeslaMotors.com is now simply a pointer directing all traffic to Tesla.com.

Tesla.com has become an amazing, wide open brand that can encompass just about anything, including battery powered electric cars!



What is the correct way to say "Tesla"?

Elon Musk has also revealed that he pronounces "Tesla" with a slight "z" sound instead of an "s"...although it is "Tesla" he says it has just one "s" not two "ss", so it should sound closer to a "z" than a long "s"....so "Tezla" it is  🙂

How do you pronounce "Tesla"?

"Tez-lah", or "Tess-lah".... well its' founder may know best....maybe he should have bought "Tezla" as well?

Regardless, this is a fantastic domain, and a fantastic sale!

The sale of Tesla.com is around two years old, and we have just learned about it now.  How many more premium domain name asset sales are out there that no one has heard about for various reasons?  Our guess is that there are more sales unknown out there (kept private for many reasons including competitive reasons, or are sold with a "nda" non disclosure agreement etc...), than all the ones that are known!

Digital domain assets are the future, premium domain names are extremely valuable...$11M tells us that Elon Musk knows this...do you?

Congratulations to both buyer and seller!


What is my domain worth?

Premium domain name assets can be extremely valuable!  We know that many may now be wondering what their domain name may be worth?

Here are a couple of online tools to play with … although they are not truly accurate valuations as each domain name asset is unique, they do give you a starting point as to what your domain name “may” be worth, a kind of “estimate” based on certain data points, historical similar asset sales records, search volume, cost per click for the term, letter character makeup / position / popularity and combinations etc…  Yes this works for both dot com and dot ca domain names as well!

Who knows maybe you own a fantastic domain name asset that could be on this list someday 🙂


Domain name valuations.

Free domain name valuations.

Online domain name valuation tools you can try.  Here are some of our favorite online domain name valuation tools.

  • GoDaddy – Domain Name Appraisals – free valuation tool from GoDaddy
  • EstiBot – try it for a free valuation estimate
  • Uniregistry – setup a marketplace account, and they can do an auto appraisal for you
  • Sedo – setup an account to sell your domain, and they can do an auto appraisal for you
  • NameBio.com….you can search past sales stats and try to come up with a figure yourself based on similar names sold.


Premium domain name assets can literally be worth any amount really, as every single domain name is unique.

The vast majority of domain names registered are really worth no more than their registration fee, and often times not even that sorry to say (what the domain would be worth to someone else other than the current owner that is)….however it is common place now for many premium + sought after domains to sell in the range of $5K to $50K….and among those there are so called category killers, EMDs (exact match domains), some one word domains, very short domains, and brandables which can sell well over $100K!  All these figures are USD by the way as the resale market tends to report in USD.  The premium domain name asset sector can be an increasingly exciting space, and for some it can be very profitable as well!


Want to learn more?

How to buy, sell, or invest in this sector…


Want to learn more about premium domain name assets including dot ca, their valuations, and investing in them as an asset class….contact us…it is what we do.



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