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offers a full range of professional services to support and compliment your Internet based operations.  From start to finish we offer services that deliver Quality Web Sites which stand out and get you the results you are after.

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We work with you alone or your entire marketing/advertising departments to develop a solid internet strategy to launch a dynamic Web site reflective of your professional business image and principals.  

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We also redesign existing but now dated web sites.
At BizNets the initial consultation is Free. Contact us, or receive a Free quotation with our EZ quote online quotation service.  



Your current paper promotional materials are a good place to start.  We take those materials scan, edit and touch them up, or we can design all new material.  We give you options from stock graphics to custom graphics, animations and logos. 

One of our specialties is the animation of existing corporate logos.  Add life to your existing static  logo with a custom animation from  To learn more, contact us for a free quote.



Content is what Quality Web Sites are made of.  We work with you to select relevant content and or draft new content to enrich your web site.  On the Internet content is what attracts viewers and new content is what keeps viewers coming back. 


 Interactive Forms

Interactive forms allow your web site to interact with your viewers and PULL valuable information from them.  These forms when customized can prove to be a valuable communication tool between you and your web site viewers.   Interactive forms allow your viewers to communicate with you with incredible ease.   There are endless exciting  possibilities for Interactive forms as they can be customized and targeted to return any feedback information required.  You can see a working example of an Interactive Form on our contact us page. 


 Search Engine Optimization

Professional preparation of your existing web site for online search engine submissions and promotion.  Keyword analysis, meta tag generation, title tag and alt tag preparation in the source code...   We make sure that your site is ready for promotion and ready for first page search results!  This by far the most important step in generating real online business results!  We invite to contact us for a quote.

 Site Promotion

Our online site promotion services include search engine registrations, banner ads, banner exchanges, links and links exchanges.  Offline (traditional newspaper, radio, TV etc) promotion of any web site is still recommended.  If you already have a great Web Site then try one of our Site Promotional Packages available online.  For more information see our starter web packages or our marketing area.  If you require a more customized site promotional solution contact us


 Domain Names       

We assist you and your organization in domain name searches for availability and obtaining the ideal domain name. 
( .edu  etc...) 


 Hosting of your Web Site and Internet Access

We can impartially assist you in locating the ISP that best suits your needs for both Hosting and Access services.  BizNets will locate an ISP that delivers the best value and service for  your Web Site needs. 



We offer one on one training services at your location for many areas related to the Internet  (from basic Internet browsing and email use, to more advanced topics).  For executives/managers that have just been assigned responsibility of their organizations Internet Strategy we can help quickly bring you up to speed (your technical experience  does not make a difference).   To inquire about personal Internet training contact us


 Hardware and Software

We assist in sourcing, optimizing, and configuring these products according to your needs and requirements.  We are also able to source all other professional services from repair, upgrade, installation of one PC Server or an entire Local or Wide Area Network. 



We offer custom commerce enabled solutions, from multi-media product catalogues to Online Stores.  We  work with your organization to build an ideal, secure, commerce enabled Web site.   From the idea stage in assessing feasibility, to design and implementation of the Site, we work with you towards the finished product.  For more information about the  possibilities of e-commerce for your business contact us today.



Maintenance is a basic requirement of any web site, to keep its content current, links functional, and most importantly to keep visitors coming back.  Vistorship to a Web site is much easier to maintain with regular updates and maintenance then it is to build.  Maintenance contracts are available to all our clients or on an as needed basis.  For your maintenance requirements we invite you to contact us


 Other Services...

You are invited to browse these other areas of our Web Site for details on any other services not mentioned above:
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lease contact us to inquire about Internet related services not specifically mentioned.  We would be delighted to address your special needs, after all custom solutions are our specialty. 









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